Kids Corner

Teach Kids the Proper Use of 911

  • Never say "nine-eleven." There is no eleven on a telephone keypad or dial. Always say
  • Always call from a safe place. If there is a fire in the house, get out first and then call.
  • Post your address near the phone.
  • Never call 911 as a prank or joke. You can get into trouble and keep someone who really needs help from getting it in time.
  • 911 is not for animal emergencies.
  • Call 911 if you think you have an emergency and explain the situation to the dispatcher.
  • If you call 911 by mistake, don't hang up. Explain the mistake to the dispatcher and say there is no emergency.

School Resource Officers

The School Resource Officers that work in the schools within the City of Olive Branch are sworn law enforcement officers who are employed by the Olive Branch Police Department.

School Resource Officers (SRO) work to safeguard school property against burglary, vandalism, trespassing, and other hazardous criminal or unauthorized activities. Their duties also include teaching classes in their area of expertise as well as first-level counseling students and intervening with uncooperative students.


  • Patrol and monitor all areas of the school facilities on a consistent basis.
  • Provide technical assistance regarding school safety planning, crisis training, and overall school security.
  • Enforce state laws, ordinances, regulations, policies, and procedures on school property.
  • Conducts criminal investigations and collects information, intelligence, and evidence regarding criminal violations on the school campus.
  • Write reports and provides documentation of activities.