Community Relations

The Community Relations Division is committed to correcting actions, practices, and attitudes, which may contribute to community tensions and grievances. Law enforcement personnel are an integral part of the community. Citizen participation and interaction with law enforcement personnel are necessary for a healthy community. Our Agency identifies and implements policies, procedures, and programs that enhance the quality of life in the community.

Community Relations Objectives

  • Create and maintain liaison with community groups and organizations including exchanging information, identifying law enforcement service needs of the community, promoting law enforcement and citizen contacts, acquainting each other with mutual problems, and encouraging action aimed at solving these problems.
  • Develop community relations policies for the Olive Branch Police Department.
  • Publicize Department objectives, problems, achievements, and successes.
  • Obtain input from community groups to ensure that Department policies reflect the needs of the community.
  • Identify sources of conflict between law enforcement and the community and encourage efforts to resolve them.
  • Establish neighborhood watch groups where such programs are needed and do not currently exist.
  • Identify training needs relating to community relations through input from citizens, groups, supervisors, and complaint reports.
  • Provide the Olive Branch Police Department information regarding concerns of the community, potential law enforcement/citizen problems, and recommended actions.
  • Evaluate all Department community relations programs on a semi-annual basis.
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