What 911 Is

What an Emergency Is

Emergencies include crimes that are in progress or about to happen and ones that have resulted in serious personal injury, property damage, or property loss. Situations in which a suspect may still be at the scene or suspicious activities are included.

You need no money to call 911 from a pay phone.

When to Call 911

  • Fire, medical emergency, automobile accident
  • Fights, sexual assault, domestic violence
  • Homicide
  • Burglary
  • Child or elderly abuse
  • Sounds of gunshots, screaming, breaking glass, alarms, etc.
  • Hit and run or accident with injuries
  • Runaway juvenile or missing person who needs special care
  • Be sure to notify the dispatcher if a person is on medication or has a medical condition
  • Someone driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Someone entering a neighbor's home
  • Someone forcing entry of a home, business or vehicle
  • Someone who poses a threat to self or others
  • Struggle with resisting child

When to Use Non-Emergency Line 

  • Burglary in which suspect has left the scene
  • Open or broken doors/windows of business or home that is vacant or closed
  • Stolen checks or credit cards - Call financial institution for instructions
  • Auto theft and vandalism
  • Hit and run or accident with no injuries
  • Minors violating curfew
  • Loud parties or music

When in doubt, call 911. The Non-Emergency Line is 662-895-4111.