Park Facilities Rental

  1. Complexes A, B, C & Soccer
  2. Tennis Courts
  3. Track
  4. Pavilion
  5. Amphitheater

Sports ComplexComplexes

  • A security deposit of $250 per complex is required before the facility is reserved.
  • The tournament fee is $1,000 per day for A Complex, which includes 4 fields (additional fields are $250 each). $1,000 per day for B, C, and Soccer. Balance less security deposit payable on Monday before rental. All concessions will be operated by Olive Branch Parks and Recreation Department.
  • A $1,000,000 Liability Insurance Policy is required of the renting party with the City of Olive Branch listed as the additional insured.

The Department of Parks and Recreation staff is responsible for determining the playing conditions of fields. If fields can be made playable with the use of drying agents the renting party can incur the additional costs involved for the drying agents and the additional personnel if it so chooses. An agreement will be signed at the time of the request for the use of the drying agents.

Rental Fee

  • $100 per field per 90-minute time slot
  • $300 per field per 90-minute time slot for a soccer field rental

For more information contact us at 662-893-5219 or email Lisa Pretti