Olive Branch Hall of Fame

Induction into the Olive Branch Hall of Fame is the highest honor the City can bestow upon one of its citizens. Members of the Hall of Fame are a diverse group. There are pioneers who risked everything to be among the first to come into a wilderness area and carve out a life for themselves and their families. There are educators, healthcare professionals, elected officials, public servants, merchants, business leaders, civic leaders, and community activists. Some are unsung heroes who were hardly noticed but led exemplary lives and became pillars of the community. The Hall of Fame is the City’s opportunity to honor and show appreciation to those who have given a lifetime of service to our community.

The 2021 inductees to the Olive Branch Hall of Fame are Judy Holloway Berryhill and James Paul “Jim” Davis. (Click on their names to read their story.)

The complete list of members of the Olive Branch Hall of Fame and the year they were inducted are:

Bill G. Allen 2015

Gilbert Leon Allen 2018

Marthola Allen 2014

Helen D. Allison 2012

Jimmy Neal Andrews 2015

Billy W. Baldwin 2014

Vicky Jo Baldwin 2019

Judy Holloway Berryhill 2021

Drue D. Birmingham, Jr. 2012

Billie B. Blocker 2010

Milton S. Blocker 2007

Perry Lee Bowlen 2014

Lemoyne Brigance 2011

Frank J. Brown, Jr. 2008

Sarah J. Camp 2010

Walter S. Carter, Jr. 2015

B. J. Chain, Sr. 2007

Ruby B. Chain 2015

Bill E. Cruthirds, Sr. 2008

Scottye C. Davidson 2008

James Paul “Jim” Davis 2021

Wendell W. Davis 2015

James A. Doddridge, Sr. 2010

Thomas D. (Tommy) Doddridge 2020

Pat Dorr 2016

Dr. Greg Evans 2016

Stephen Flinn 2007

Dr. D. C. Funderburk 2009

G. P. Gillespie 2013

Willie James George 2017

Oscar Floyd Geeslin 2020

E. Forrest Hamilton 2009

A. Maury Haraway 2010

Dr. Elton L. Harris 2012

George M. Harrison 2009

Joyce H. Haslip 2012

M. C. Herrington 2007

Wayne D. Hollowell 2014

Jan R. Johnson 2007

Dr. Julian F. Jones 2010

Bill W. Kerr 2008

Martha Pearl Langston 2018

Ray Magee 2016

Robert H. Marr 2011

William Malone Maxwell 2017

John B. (Jack) McCauley, 2007

D. M. Nichols 2007

Erlend R. Nichols 2013

G. B. Payne 2007

Janice Payne 2016

H. Gene Phillips 2011

Scott B. “Scotty” Phillips 2019

Leslie Pool 2013

Sam P. Rikard 2009

Don Sappington 2016

Dr. P. J. Scott 2012

Kenneth W. Sessom 2011

Homer D. Skelton 2007

Lush Pun Tubby 2007

Benjamin F. Wesson 2008

Dr. William T. Wilkins 2019

G. E. (Mr. Eddie) Williams 2014

Lawrence “Dan” Williams 2019

James E. Woods 2009

Walton T. Woods 2013

Maurice E. Woodson 2011

Alma C. Young 2013

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