Fire Training Division

The Training Division is charged with the responsibility of providing all initial recruit training and certification, Fire, Rescue, and EMS continuing education training and recertification. The Training Division also provides specialty training such as Haz-Mat, swift water rescue, emergency vehicle driving, driver operator, incident command, emergency medical technician-defibrillation, and first responder.

The Training Division serves a diverse workforce of approximately 85 members through the ranks of Firefighter Recruit, Firefighter, Firefighter Engineer, Fire Captain, Fire Battalion Chief,Deputy Fire Chief, and Fire Chief along with administrative positions. The City of Olive Branch is a rapidly growing City, and the Olive Branch Fire Department does what is necessary to keep up with the diverse and ever changing emergency situations that may arise.

The Training Division personnel consist of a Training Officer over the 3 Fire Captains, the EMS supervisor, and 5 Lieutenants. The Training Officer is responsible for assigning training disciplines. The Olive Branch Fire Department Training Division operates in partnership with the Mississippi State Fire Academy, Northwest Community College (NWCC), Southwest Community College (SWCC), the Office of the Mississippi State Fire Marshal, and other City training team members.

We offer training of all types including hands-on training, classroom based, E-Training through the web online, video conferencing, in-station company-based training, and seminar-based training. The Olive Branch Fire Department is fortunate to have a staff of dedicated officers who are willing to conduct training in combination with their other duties.

Training Officer

Captain Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor was selected as the Training Officer in October 2013. Captain Taylor has been with the Olive Branch Fire Department since September 1995. He has since risen through the ranks of Lieutenant to Captain. Captain Taylor serves as the department’s second career Training Officer and looks forward to contributing to this area of the Fire Department.

Training Staff

In addition to Captain Taylor, the following staff members serve as instructors:

  • Dan Phillips, Captain
  • Larry Linville, Captain
  • Steve Walker, Lieutenant
  • Johnny Morgan, Lieutenant
  • Troy Looney, Lieutenant
  • Jason Brooker, Lieutenant
  • Greg Mynatt, EMS Supervisor

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