Fire Prevention Division

In addition to conducting annual inspections of all businesses, hotels, schools and certain other structures, Fire Inspectors perform in-depth plan reviews and conduct detailed inspections of all new buildings and alterations for compliance with fire and life safety code requirements. There are some fees assessed for some inspections, please see the Fire Department Fee Schedule at the link at the bottom of this paragraph. To schedule a fire inspection you must come by our office at 9245 Pigeon Roost Rd. and pay the associated fees with your inspection and it will then be scheduled with one of the fire inspectors. Download the Fee Schedule Here

Where can I get a copy of a Fire Incident report?

Contact the Fire Department Headquarters at 662-890-7376. Tell them the incident for which you need a report. Be sure to include your name, the date of the incident, and the address of the incident. Reports usually take 3 days to be completed before we can issue a copy of them.

Fire Investigations

Each year across the nation billions of dollars worth of property and hundreds of lives are lost as a result of fires that are intentionally started by arsonists. The City of Olive Branch was not exempt from these losses, at least until November, 1993, when the Olive Branch Fire Department Fire Investigation Unit was created.

Arson is the top cause of fires in non-residential structures. Arson is the number two cause of fires in the home. Arsonists strike for many reasons, including spite and revenge, vandalism, crime concealment, insurance fraud, competition and extortion. Arson is an epidemic that robs communities of their valuable tax base and forces citizens to pay higher insurance premiums and taxes.

The Olive Branch Fire Investigation Unit has and continues to have a substantial impact in the arson mitigation efforts in the City of Olive Branch, using internal Fire Department investigations, and assisted by:

  • Police Investigators from the Olive Branch Police Department
  • Desoto County Fire Investigators
  • Fire Marshals from the State of Mississippi Fire Marshals Office
  • The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms

Our Fire Investigation Unit is comprised of Chief Johnny Eason, Deputy Chief Ken Givens, Captains Larry Linville, Dan Philips, and Lieutenant’s Art Dunlap and Steve Walker.

Arson Facts

There are about 500,000 arson fires each year in the United States.

Approximately $4,000 in property is lost each minute as a result of arson.

Arson is the leading cause of dollar loss from fire, exceeding annually.

Arson is the second leading cause of residential fire deaths.

Juveniles account for 55% of arson arrest nationally.

Reward Information

Citizen involvement is imperative in identifying individuals responsible for setting arson fires. Without your tips on the identity of the arsonist, our entire community suffers.

To report arson contact one of the following:

Crime Stoppers


Olive Branch Fire Department


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