EMS Division

The Olive Branch Fire Department operates the Emergency Medical Service for the City of Olive Branch. Our service area covers an area of 41 square miles with a population of approximately 34,000. We also make calls outside of the City of Olive Branch if requested.

The Olive Branch Emergency Medical Device operates 3 ambulances with 2 ambulances in reserve.

The Olive Branch Fire Department has 18 paramedics that are Nationally Registered EMT-Paramedics as well as Mississippi State Certified EMT-P. Each Paramedic is a Mississippi State Certified Emergency Medical Driver and must maintain their Mississippi Driver License in good status.

Paramedics work the same 24-hour shift schedule as do the firefighters. They live in the stations with the firefighters and help clean and maintain the stations and equipment. They also respond to all working fires and assist with fire ground related jobs which are needed to complete the fire suppression that is carried out by the firefighters.

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