Current Educational Programs

K-2nd Grade ‘School Bus Safety’ Program

Teaches bus safety rules, what to do if the bus wrecks, how to exit the bus safely from from and rear.

3rd Grade ‘Keep a Clear Mind’ Program

A five-week drug education program that teaches lessons on tools to resist drugs, peer pressure, marijuana, tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.

4th-5th Grade ‘Camp SWAT’ Program

A one-week camp that trains kids to be leaders in their home, school and community. Lessons are also taught on self-esteem, communication skills, healthy lifestyles, tobacco, drugs, peer pressure and conflict resolution. Teams are formed at camp and followed up with monthly activities throughout the school year. The students earn prizes through participation in activities and advocacy in their school and community.

4th-8th Grade ‘Camp B.U.I.L.D.’

Camp B.U.I.L.D. stands for Body, Unity, Inner Self, Leadership and Development, which will be discussed during this four week camp. It’s FREE to the first 100 Olive Branch resident students going into the 4th – 8th grade. Download the application and rules here. Camp B.U.I.L.D. News Release click here.

6th Grade ‘Be a Winner-Choose Not to Use’ Program

This is a ten-week drug education program that teaches lessons on trust, communication, self-esteem, peer and media pressure, assertiveness, making good decisions, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drugs. It also teaches understanding drug use, drug classification and alternatives to drug use, along with a host of games and activities to make learning fun.

7th-8th Grade ‘Allies’ Program

A drug education program teaching kids about the dangers of drug use and unhealthy lifestyles. This program kicks off with a camp to train students to be peer helpers during the next school year to help educate their student body on the dangers of drug use and alternatives. The training lessons are communication, self-esteem, tobacco and other drugs, goals, advocacy, conflict resolution, refusal skills, decision making, teamwork, peer influence, body image, future expectation, as well as, a host of other games and activities that make learning fun.


Gang and violence resistance education.

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