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CALL MS ONE CALL 1-800-227-6477 for line locations BEFORE YOU DIG or simply DIAL 811

This is a free service – Call 48 hours before you plan to dig.

The Olive Branch Utility Services Department is responsible for setting up and maintaining customer accounts for gas, water, sewer and garbage collection, the reading of gas and water meters, and the billing and collection of fees for the City’s Utilities.

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Online Utility Bill Payments & Phone Payments

The Utility Services Department is pleased to offer our customers the option to pay online or by phone. You may make your payment anytime, any day, 24/7.

Paymentus Corporation is a third party automated payment service that accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Electronic Check. They charge a $3.50 convenience fee per transaction up to $300. Multiple payments are accepted. This fee covers payment handling and processing charges. The City does not receive any portion of the convenience fee.

To pay your utility bill online or by phone you will need:

  • Your account number and customer number located on your billing statement.
  • The balance owed on your bill.
  • Your credit card number, expiration date, and the security code number on the back of the card.

To Pay Your Bill Online – Click Here

To Pay Your Bill by Phone – Dial 1-855-288-6486

Other Bill Payment Methods

Payments along with payment stub can be mailed to:

City of Olive Branch

Utility Department

9200 Pigeon Roost Rd.

Olive Branch, MS 38654

Payments (checks only) can be placed in our payment drop box located at the rear of City Hall. Write your account number on your check and attach the stub.

Payments can be drafted from your bank account by completing the Bank Draft Form.

Garbage Pick Up

The City contracts with Allied/BFI Waste Services for garbage pickup once a week and charges $8.63 per month for each container. You will be given a blue, wheeled garbage cart. We ask that you bag your garbage (preferably in plastic bags) before placing it in the cart. On the day that your garbage is collected you will need to roll your cart to the street before 7:00 a.m. and place it on the curb within eighteen inches (18”) of the street (not in the street) with the cart handles facing toward your house (remember Handles to House). Do not place the cart within five feet of any stationary object (mailbox, tree, utility pole, vehicle, etc.)

There are several things we ask you to remember:

  • DO NOT place anything in the cart except household garbage.
  • DO NOT pile garbage around the cart (even in plastic bags). The truck WILL NOT pick it up unless it is in the cart.
  • DO NOT leave your cart on the curb longer than 24 hours. The City has an ordinance which requires you to keep your cart out of public view on days when it is not being picked up.

If your garbage pick-up is missed, call 892-9306.

If you live outside the city limits, call 901-794-3800.

Click here to view Garbage Pick Up Schedule Map

Trash (non-garbage) Appliances, Furniture, etc.

The City considers residential trash to be the following: broken-down boxes, attic and garage rubbish, household rubbish, furniture, clothing, wooden fencing (small quantities only), computers, televisions, copy machines, hot water heaters and appliances. Please note, freon must be removed from air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers by a licensed technician and tagged by the technician before we can pick them up. Freon is considered hazardous waste. The landfill will not accept appliances without this tag. Refrigerators and freezers must have the doors removed. This trash will be picked up according to the Trash Pick-up Schedule Map with the exception of appliances. Appliances are picked up on Fridays only. You must call in advance to notify Public Works to have your appliances pickup. Appliances must be on the curb by 7:00 AM.

Click here to view Trash PU Schedule Map

Limbs and Heavy Brush Pick-up

The City provides curbside pickup of limbs. Limbs should be no longer than four (4) feet and no bigger than four (4) inches in diameter. Limbs will normally be chipped curbside and hauled away. Heavy brush will be picked up as time permits, at least monthly. City personnel will pickup trees cut by property owners if they are cut to manageable dimensions and placed by the curb or street. The tradesmen or property owner shall remove all trees cut by a hired tradesman.

Leaf Pickup

The City provides curbside pickup of loose leaves from the first of November through the end of March. Leaves should be placed in the yard next to the curb or street. Bagged leaves are picked up year round. Leaves should be separated from other debris.

Leaf, Limb and Trash Pick-up

Contact Public Works – Street and Sanitation Dept. at 895-5249 for Pick-up

Residential Trash Recyclables

The City of Olive Branch supports the recycling of trash by our citizens to be in the best interest of our Nation, our State and our City. You will be given a recycle bin for your recyclables. Your bin is to be placed on the curb, containing your recyclables, alongside your garbage cart on the same day as your garbage pickup. We strongly urge you to participate in the Recyclables Program.

Click here to see Recyclable Do’s and Don’ts

  • All recyclables must be free of food and waste.
  • Caps and labels are acceptable.
  • All recyclables can be loose in the bin or in a brown paper bag in the bin.

Trash Items Not Picked up by the City

The following items WILL NOT BE PICKED UP by the City: building materials, roofing, lumber, pallets, fence wire, paint, motor oil, paint cans, oil cans, batteries, tires, caulking tubes or any hazardous or toxic materials.

The DeSoto County Rubbish Pit is located at 5255 West Sandidge Road in Olive Branch. Operating hours are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Saturday 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The Rubbish Pit does not accept household garbage, food containers, batteries, paint cans, oil cans, spray cans, freon tanks, propane tanks, or electronics. The Rubbish pit does accept building materials, lumber, roofing, metal, wire, bricks, concrete, washers, dryers, water heaters, lawn mowers, tree limbs, leaves, furniture, and tires. Each citizen can make four free visits to the Rubbish Pit per month. The rubbish pit can be reached at 662-895-9705.

Electronics such as computers, printer, radios, TV’s, radio, vacuum cleaners, lamps, etc. can be placed in the E-Waste bin at the City’s Fleet Maintenance Shop at 10414 Hwy 178. Operating hours are Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The Shop can be reached at 662-893-5213.

Used Motor Oil can be taken to the County District 1 Eastern Maintenance Barn located at 10947 Hwy 178 in Olive Branch. The motor oil should be placed in a sealed plastic 5-gallon or smaller container. This is for public use, not commercial. Gas and paint thinner are also accepted.


The City bills customers monthly based upon the monthly gas and water meter reading. The City has four billing cycles with bills being mailed on the 1st, 5th, 15th and 19th of the month depending on where you live. You are allowed 15 days from the billing date to pay your bill. On the 16th day a 10% late charge will be added. You then have ten (10) days to pay your bill before service will be disconnected.

Reconnection Fee

To have services reconnected you must pay the past-due utility bill, including the late charge plus a $40.00 reconnect fee. The reconnect fee must be paid at the Utility Department in City Hall. Every effort will be made to have utilities reconnected on the next business day following payment.

Returned Checks / Draft Fee

There will be a $30.00 fee charged for all returned checks or drafts.

Pilot Lighting

The City will light fireplace and furnace pilot lights for a fee of $10.00 per unit.

This service is provided free to Senior Citizens 62 years of age and older or handicapped customers.

New Customers

New customers will be required to pay a deposit for gas and water services.

Click here to see deposit chart

Utility Rates

Utility Rates charged by the City of Olive Branch are reflective of the cost of maintaining the utility department and the cost the City pays for the various utilities involved. Charges for your natural gas consumption will fluctuate each month, according to the amount the City pays for its natural gas. If the rate is lower, your rate will be lower, but if the rate increases, then yours will increase also.

Natural Gas – rates are determined by a minimum monthly charge plus usage volume.

Water – rates are determined by a minimum monthly charge plus usage volume.

Sewer – rates are determined by a minimum monthly charge plus usage volume based upon your water consumption. A flat monthly rate is charged to customers that do not have City water.

Click here to view Water Rates

Click here to view Sewer Rates

Click here to view Gas Rates

Seasonal Sewer Adjustments

Each month April through October sewer customers with water usage not requiring sewer treatment may notify the Utility Department of such usage. This notification will allow the customer’s sewer bill for the month of said usage to be adjusted to the average winter consumption. Winter consumption will be considered the average consumption for the months of November through March. Contact 892-9311 for adjustments.

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