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Municode is provided by the City of Olive Branch for the convenience of the public and for general informational purposes only. Every effort is made to ensure that Municode is as accurate as possible. However, reformatting of Ordinances by Municode editors may result in text variations when comparing the versions found online with the official Ordinances adopted by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen.

Official research should include accessing the minutes of the meetings of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the City of Olive Branch, on file in the City Clerk’s office. In the event of any discrepancy, Ordinances on file with the City Clerk shall control.

Please contact the City Clerk for more information.

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What is 911?

9-1-1 is the response to life-threatening situations!

What is an Emergency?

Emergencies include crimes that are in progress or about to happen, and ones that have resulted in serious personal injury, property damage, or property loss. Situations in which a suspect may still be at the scene or suspicious activities are included.

You need no money to call 9-1-1 from a pay phone.

When to Call 9-1-1

  • Fire, medical emergency, automobile accident
  • Fights, sexual assault, domestic violence
  • Homicide
  • Burglary
  • Child or elderly abuse
  • Sounds of gunshots, screaming, breaking glass, alarms, etc.
  • Hit and run or accident with injuries
  • Runaway juvenile or missing person who needs special care
  • Be sure to notify dispatcher if person is on medication or has a medical condition
  • Someone driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Someone entering a neighbor’s home
  • Someone forcing entry of a home, business or vehicle
  • Someone who poses a threat to self or others
  • Struggle with resisting child

When to Use Non-Emergency Line – 662-895-4111

  • Burglary in which suspect has left the scene
  • Open or broken doors/windows of business or home that is vacant or closed
  • Stolen checks or credit cards – Call financial institution for instructions
  • Auto theft and vandalism
  • Hit and run or accident with no injuries
  • Minors violating curfew
  • Loud parties or music

When in doubt, call 9-1-1.

Visit Request

Please read the following information before making a visit request.

The Fire Prevention Division makes no guarantee that the times you have selected will be available. As a rule, the earlier you submit your request, the more likely that we will be able to fulfill it.

Those calling to schedule a visit should be aware that no visits will be scheduled for Fire Prevention Week, as it has been set aside exclusively for Elementary school visits and Open Houses at the OBFD stations. The time between September 15 and November 15 is extremely busy, so please get your requests in early for those months. The Fire Prevention Department regrets that it cannot schedule visits outside the boundaries of the City of Olive Branch. Those living outside the City of Olive Branch are encouraged to contact their local fire department for scheduling visits.

Certain events may occur that will force a delay to the start of an event or cancel it altogether. Firefighters may also have to cut short a visit in order to respond to an emergency within the City of Olive Branch. These events include, but are not limited to:

  • Emergency fire or medical response.
  • Impending severe weather.
  • Unexpected personnel shortage.

These events are rare, and if they interfere with your scheduled visit, we will take steps to reschedule your group with highest priority.

Those that want to schedule a visit should call 662-890-7376 and speak to Kristy May or leave a message. She will call you back to confirm information and date.

USFA For Kids

Each year in the United States an estimated 2,800 children age 14 or younger are injured and 850 killed in residential fires. Of these children, over 40 percent are under the age five, 70 percent are under the age of 10. Because the majority of fire casualties occur in children under the age of 10, USFA Kids is targeted towards that age group.

The goals of USFA Kids are to:

  1. Increase the level of individual concern and awareness of children’s vulnerability to fire.
  2. Educate and inform the U.S. population about how personal responsibility and action is key to preventing fires and fire-related casualties.
  3. Provide a timely, coordinated and easy-to-access source of information about how individuals can prevent fires and fire-related casualties.

Download the Home Fire Safety Checklist
Download the Playground Safety Checklist

New Businesses Moving into Olive Branch

Welcome to Olive Branch!

We certainly appreciate you choosing our city to open your business! This is a list of the things you need to do when opening a business in Olive Branch with regards to the Fire Department.

  1. Contact the Fire Department at 662-890-7376 or 662-890-7341 and tell us about your business and its location.
  2. Come by our office at 9245 Pigeon Roost and fill out a Use & Occupancy permit. The fee is $25.00.
  3. We will then schedule an inspection of your building with you for Life Safety concerns.
  4. If you want to make changes to the structure in any way, you should contact us before anything is done to the structure.
  5. A plan review and fee would be accessed if you want to make structural changes.

Fire Training Division

The Training Division is charged with the responsibility of providing all initial recruit training and certification, Fire, Rescue, and EMS continuing education training and recertification. The Training Division also provides specialty training such as Haz-Mat, swift water rescue, technical rescue, emergency vehicle driving, driver operator, incident command, emergency medical technician-defibrillation, ALS training and first responder.

The Training Division serves a diverse workforce of approximately 103 members through the ranks of Recruit, Firefighter, Firefighter/Driver, Paramedic, Lieutenant, and Battalion Chief, along with administrative positions. The City of Olive Branch is a rapidly growing City, and the Olive Branch Fire Department does what is necessary to keep up with the diverse and ever changing emergency situations that may arise.

The Training Division personnel consist of a Training Officer that coordinates with the 3 Battalion Chiefs, the EMS supervisor, and the Lieutenants, as well as other experienced members of the OBFD. The Training Officer is responsible for assigning training disciplines. The Olive Branch Fire Department Training Division operates in partnership with the Mississippi State Fire Academy, Northwest Community College (NWCC), Southwest Community College (SWCC), the Office of the Mississippi State Fire Marshal, and other City training team members.

We offer training of all types including hands-on training, classroom based, E-Training through the web online, video conferencing, in-station company-based training, and seminar-based training. The Olive Branch Fire Department is fortunate to have a staff of dedicated officers who are willing to conduct training in combination with their other duties.

Training Officer

Captain Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor was selected as the Training Officer in October 2013. Captain Taylor has been with the Olive Branch Fire Department since September 1995. He has since risen through the ranks of Lieutenant to Captain. Captain Taylor serves as the department’s second career Training Officer and looks forward to contributing to this area of the Fire Department.

Training Staff

In addition to Captain Taylor, there are several members of the department that serve as instructors for any given training assignment, as well as recertification of our current members credentials.

Fire Prevention Division

In addition to conducting annual inspections of all businesses, hotels, schools and certain other structures, Fire Inspectors perform in-depth plan reviews and conduct detailed inspections of all new buildings and alterations for compliance with fire and life safety code requirements. There are some fees assessed for some inspections, please see the Fire Department Fee Schedule at the link at the bottom of this paragraph. To schedule a fire inspection you must come by our office at 9245 Pigeon Roost Rd. and pay the associated fees with your inspection and it will then be scheduled with one of the fire inspectors. Fire inspectors Art Dunlap and Brad Waldrip can be reached at 662-890-7346, or 662-890-7341. Download the Fee Schedule Here

Where can I get a copy of a Fire Incident report?

Contact the Fire Department Headquarters at 662-890-7376. Tell them the incident for which you need a report. Be sure to include your name, the date of the incident, and the address of the incident. Reports usually take 3 days to be completed before we can issue a copy of them.

Fire Investigations

Each year across the nation billions of dollars-worth of property and hundreds of lives are lost as a result of fires that are intentionally started by arsonists. The City of Olive Branch was not exempt from these losses, at least until November, 1993, when the Olive Branch Fire Department Fire Investigation Unit was created.

Arson is the top cause of fires in non-residential structures. Arson is the number two cause of fires in the home. Arsonists strike for many reasons, including spite and revenge, vandalism, crime concealment, insurance fraud, competition and extortion. Arson is an epidemic that robs communities of their valuable tax base and forces citizens to pay higher insurance premiums and taxes.

The Olive Branch Fire Investigation Unit has and continues to have a substantial impact in the arson mitigation efforts in the City of Olive Branch, using internal Fire Department investigations, and assisted by:

  • Police Investigators from the Olive Branch Police Department
  • Desoto County Fire Investigators
  • Fire Marshals from the State of Mississippi Fire Marshals Office
  • The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms

Our Fire Investigation Unit is comprised of Fire Inspector/Investigator Art Dunlap, and Fire Inspector/Investigator Brad Waldrip.  These individuals are extensively trained in fire investigation where it concerns cause and origin, as well as arson and explosives. They are also assisted by the Fire Chief, Deputy Chief, Battalion Chiefs, and Training Officer. These individuals are trained in fire investigation as well, and operate as part of the unit when necessary.

Arson Facts

There are about 500,000 arson fires each year in the United States.

Approximately $4,000 in property is lost each minute as a result of arson.

Arson is the leading cause of dollar loss from fire, exceeding annually.

Arson is the second leading cause of residential fire deaths.

Juveniles account for 55% of arson arrest nationally.

Reward Information

Citizen involvement is imperative in identifying individuals responsible for setting arson fires. Without your tips on the identity of the arsonist, our entire community suffers.

To report arson contact one of the following:

Crime Stoppers


Olive Branch Fire Department


Fire Operations Division

Firefighting is responsible for the extinguishment and control of fires, emergency rescue, environmental hazards, emergency pre-hospital care, transportation to local hospitals, and disaster management including the Urban Search and Rescue operation. Firefighting will focus on preparing and maintaining its ability to respond to both manmade and natural disaster on both the local and national level.

Fire Department Staff

Administrative Staff

Fire Administration consists of Executive and Support Staff responsible for all administrative activities including finance, personnel, capital improvements, fire prevention and code enforcement, legislative affairs, public relations and strategic planning.

Johnny Eason, Chief

Johnny Eason, Chief


Johnny Eason has been with the Department for 42 years and has served as Chief for 22 years. Chief Eason is also the Fire Marshal and EMS Director. Under Chief Eason’s leadership the Department has grown by over three times its size.

Jared Kelly, Deputy Chief

Jared Kelly, Deputy Chief


Jared Kelly has been with the Department since 2000. Jared currently serves as the Deputy Fire Chief and is the Administrator of the Operations Division of the Department.

Glenda Garcia, EMS Supervsior

Glenda Garcia, EMS Supervsior


Glenda holds the rank of Lieutenant and coordinates EMS operations on a daily basis. She also administrates training and quality control for our front line personnel. Glenda was hired as a Paramedic in 2002.

Dave Taylor, Training Officer

Dave Taylor, Training Officer


Dave Taylor has been with the Department since 1995. Dave serves as the Training Officer and is the Administrator of the Training Division. Dave holds the rank of Captain.

Jason Coad, Fire Inspector

Jason Coad, Fire Inspector


Jason holds the rank of Lieutenant and has been with the department since 2021. He conducts fire inspections, plan reviews for new construction, and arson investigations.

Brad Waldrip, Fire Inspector

Brad Waldrip, Fire Inspector


Brad Waldrip has been with the department collectively for eight years, and has been a fire inspector with OBFD since 2019. He holds the rank of Lieutenant. Brad conducts fire inspections, plan reviews for new construction, and arson investigations. He is a State Certified Arson Investigator and International Code Council (ICC) Certified Fire Inspector. Brad also is a Nationally Registered Paramedic.

Sabrina Spray, Administrative Assistant

Sabrina Spray, Administrative Assistant


Sabrina has been with the City since 2019.

Ambulance Billing – 800-749-7026

Administration – 662-890-7376

Operations Division – 662-890-7321

Training Division 662–890-7318

Fire Prevention Division 662–890-7346

EMS Division – 662-890-7327

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