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Ticket Prices

General Types of Offenses

Offense Ticket Price
Careless Driving $187.50
Child Restraint $153.00
Driver’s License – Suspended $512.50
Driver’s License – none/expired $327.50
Failure to Yield/Emergency Lights $263.50
Following too Closely $227.50
Improper Equipment $203.50
Improper Parking $249.25
Improper Passing $227.50
Improper Tag/Out of State $649.25
Leaving the Scene of an Accident $227.50
Littering $200.00
Obstructing Traffic $277.50
Parking in a Fire Lane $227.50
Parking in Handicap $349.25
Parking Zone Violation $227.50
Passing Stopped School Bus $503.50
Racing $427.50
Reckless Driving $237.50
Running Red Light $227.50
Running Stop Sign $227.50
Seatbelt Violation $75.00
Switched Tag $649.25
Tag – none/expired $249.25
Window Tint Violation $249.25

Speeding Offenses

Speeding Ticket Price
in a Construction Zone $327.50
in a School Zone $227.50
10 – 12 over $197.50
13 over $203.50
14 over $205.50
15 over $207.50
16 over $209.50
17 over $211.50
18 over $213.50
19 over $215.50
20 over $227.50
21 over $229.50
22 over $231.50
23 over $233.50
24 over $235.50
25 over $237.50
26 over $239.50
27 over $241.50
28 over $243.50
29 over $245.50
30 and over +Mandatory Court Appearance

Defensive Driving School

Youth Defensive Driving School

Defensive Driving School (DDS) is offered to anyone 21 years old or younger who receive a moving violation but has never had a ticket. The youth who received the moving violation must attend court on the assigned court date to ask the Judge and to sign up for driving school.

Adult Defensive Driving School

DDS is offered to any adult who has not received a ticket in the past three years and have a valid Mississippi License. The adult must pay the cost of the ticket plus $10, and the cost of the class, $45.00.


Upon Completion of the Class

Once the class has been completed, the instructor will issue a certificate that you must bring back to the court clerk’s office the following Monday after the class.

Once the certificate has been received by the Court Office, the ticket will be dismissed (in the youth’s case) or not reported to the State (in the adult’s case).

Court Department FAQs

When is my court date?

  • Answer: If you received a ticket, your court date/time can be found at the bottom of your ticket. Court on Tuesday starts at (9:00 a.m.) Court on Thursday starts at (9:00 a.m.)If you were arrested, you are given your court date and times when you are released, but, you still need to call (662) 892-9500 to confirm your court date and time.

Can I change my court date?

  • Answer: No. We do not change or reschedule court dates.If you are unable to appear, most likely there will be a warrant issued for your arrest.If your court date is for a traffic citation, you have 10 days from your court date to pay your ticket, or your license will be suspended.

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • Answer: We accept cash, checks (can not accept out of state checks), and money orders. You may choose to make a payment online with a credit card. There is a fee for this service. Click here to pay your traffic tickets online without coming to court.

How can I found out why my driver’s licenses are suspended?

  • Answer: If you have been arrested for driving while license suspended you can call The Mississippi Department of Driver’s Improvement @ 601-987-1224 they will tell you why and who has your license suspended and what you have to do to get them correct.

What if I receive a ticket for No Proof of Insurance?

  • Answer: The State of Mississippi requires you to have Proof of Insurance in your car at all time. If you get stopped and you have insurance but you just do not have it with you, you can bring in your proof of insurance showing you did have insurance before you were stopped, we will call your insurance company to verify your insurance and a copy will be made for your file and the ticket is dismissed. If your insurance card is on your phone or electrical device you will need to bring in a copy of your insurance card. The State of Mississippi passed a new law in April 2018 charging a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd offense for not having insurance. If you did not have insurance at the time you were stopped the 1st. offense will be $478.00, 2nd offense $578.00, 3rd offense $678.00 this is a State mandated fine. If you do not purchase insurance your Driver’s License will be SUSPENDED for 1 year or until you provide proof of insurance to the Department of Public Safety in Jackson, Ms..

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