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Municode is provided by the City of Olive Branch for the convenience of the public and for general informational purposes only. Every effort is made to ensure that Municode is as accurate as possible. However, reformatting of Ordinances by Municode editors may result in text variations when comparing the versions found online with the official Ordinances adopted by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen.

Official research should include accessing the minutes of the meetings of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the City of Olive Branch, on file in the City Clerk’s office. In the event of any discrepancy, Ordinances on file with the City Clerk shall control.

Please contact the City Clerk for more information.

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City Attorney FAQs

I need an attorney. Can the City Attorney represent me, or assist in finding a local attorney?

  • Answer: No. The City Attorney represents the City of Olive Branch and its Mayor, Board of Aldermen, and employees regarding their official duties. He does not represent nor can he provide advice to members of the public. However, your search for an attorney may be assisted by reference to the webpage for the Mississippi Bar (www.msbar.org). The Bar’s website contains a link labeled “How to Choose a Lawyer.” This resource may prove helpful for finding a local attorney who can assist.

Where can I locate Ordinances in effect in the City of Olive Branch?

  • Answer: The City of Olive Branch Code of Ordinances is available online and through this website.
    Click here to view the City ordinances currently in effect.

I need assistance researching an issue involving State law. Can you help?

  • Answer: The Mississippi Secretary of State website (www.sos.ms.gov/) contains links to various legal resources, including the Mississippi Code which contains the general laws of the State of Mississippi.The Office of the Attorney General maintains a website (www.ago.state.ms.us) containing numerous resources, including an online opinion database.

    Finally, the Mississippi State Legislature has a website (www.legislature.ms.gov/) with a bill status link which allows one to research current and prior legislative sessions. Hopefully these resources will be of assistance.

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