Business FAQ & Numbers

How much does it cost for a business license?

  • Answer: Call the Business License clerk at 662-892-9238 for the correct fee amount.

When do you renew your business license?

  • Answer: Business Licenses expire every September 30 and must be renewed by September 30 to avoid penalty.

Who do you call for a Mississippi Sales Tax number?

  • Answer: The Mississippi Department of Revenue at 662-449-5150 or their website at

What should you do prior to obtaining a business license for a home-based business?

  • Answer: Make sure residence is zoned correctly for home business.  (662-892-9334)
  • Complete and sign a Home Occupation Affidavit after zoning is approved.
  • Apply for a Mississippi State Sales Tax number if applicable.
  • Come to City Hall to apply for business license and submit payment.

What should you do prior to obtaining a business license for a business located in a commercial building?

  • Answer: Make sure commercial building is zoned correctly (662-892-9334).
    Apply for State Sales Tax number, Federal Tax number, and Beer/Liquor Permits if applicable (662-449-5150).
    Get Health Dept. inspection if food-related (
    Get building inspection (662-892-9333).
    Get fire inspection (662-890-7376).
    Come to City Hall and apply for business license (last step prior to opening doors for business).

Property Taxes

Olive Branch Housing Facts

Homes sold in Olive Branch in 2007 950 (376 new construction)
Median price of a home in 2007 $256,000
Houses sold in the $0-199,999 range 550
Houses sold in the $200,000-299,999 range 263
Houses sold as $300,000 & UP 167

Property Tax Example

$100,000 Property
x 10%
$10,000 x .09870 = $987.00
– $300.00 Homestead Exemption
$687.00 County Taxes
$10,000 x .03850 = +$385.00 City Taxes
$1072.00 Total County & City Taxes per year

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