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City Clerk FAQs

How much does it cost for a business license?

  • Answer: Call the Business License clerk at 662-892-9238 for the correct fee amount.

When do you renew your business license?

  • Answer: Business Licenses expire every September 30 and must be renewed by September 30 to avoid penalty.

Who do you call for a Mississippi Sales Tax number?

  • Answer: The Mississippi Department of Revenue at 662-562-4489.

What should I do prior to obtaining a business license for a home-based business?

  • Answer: Apply for Mississippi State Sales Tax number if applicable.

    Come to City Hall to check for zoning, apply for business license and submit payment.

What should I do prior to obtaining a business license for a business located in a commercial building?

  • Answer: Make sure commercial building is zoned correctly (662-892-9334). Apply for State Sales Tax number, Federal Tax number, and Beer/Liquor Permits if applicable (662-562-4489). Get Health Dept. inspection if food-related (662-429-2034).

    Get building inspection (662-892-9333).

    Get fire inspection (662-890-7376).

    Come to City Hall and apply for business license (last step prior to opening doors for business).

How do I learn about Blocker Cemetery and get information on purchasing gravesites?

  • Answer: Contact the office of the City Clerk and speak with Nancy Walker, 662-892-9238.

Who do I call for my Court Schedule and where can I pay my fine?

  • Answer: Contact the City Court Clerk, 662-892-9500, and speak with any of the clerks.

Where can I register my vehicle and get car tags?

  • Answer: The DeSoto County Tax Collector has three offices. You can also renew your current car tags online. Visit the Tax Collector’s webpage for more information.

Where do I get a marriage license?

  • Answer: Marriage License applications are available in the Circuit Court Clerk’s office.

Where can I get a map of my property?

  • Answer: Contact or visit the Tax Assessor.

Where can I pay or get information about my current property tax bill?

  • Answer: The Tax Collector accepts current (not delinquent) property taxes.

Where can I pay delinquent property taxes?

  • Answer: The Chancery Court Clerk accepts delinquent property taxes.

Are there any lands in DeSoto County that are open to public hunting?

  • Answer: Yes, for more information contact the Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks Batesville office: (662) 563-6330.

When does the Board of Supervisors regularly meet?

  • Answer: The Board of Supervisors meets regularly on the first Monday of every month. Additional meeting are scheduled as necessary. Contact the County Administrator’s office for the Board of Supervisor’s calendar.

How do I contact my DeSoto county supervisor?

  • Answer: Call the Board of Supervisor’s office: (662) 429-5590.

Where do I renew my driver’s license?

  • Answer: The Highway Patrol has two driver’s license locations in DeSoto County. Visit the Driver’s License page for more information.

Where do I file homestead exemption?

  • Answer: The Tax Assessor’s office accepts applications for homestead exemption from January 2 through April 1 every year.

I would like to request records or documents from the City of Olive Branch. Who should I contact to obtain public records?

  • Answer: Public records are available from the City of Olive Branch in accordance with the provisions of State law and local policy, as such may be amended from time to time. The current City Public Records policy and associated request form are available in the “Clerk’s downloads” section. Please feel free to contact the City Clerk’s office with any questions.

City Attorney FAQs

I need an attorney. Can the City Attorney represent me, or assist in finding a local attorney?

  • Answer: No. The City Attorney represents the City of Olive Branch and its Mayor, Board of Aldermen, and employees regarding their official duties. He does not represent nor can he provide advice to members of the public. However, your search for an attorney may be assisted by reference to the webpage for the Mississippi Bar ( The Bar’s website contains a link labeled “How to Choose a Lawyer.” This resource may prove helpful for finding a local attorney who can assist.

Where can I locate Ordinances in effect in the City of Olive Branch?

  • Answer: The City of Olive Branch Code of Ordinances is available online and through this website.
    Click here to view the City ordinances currently in effect.

I need assistance researching an issue involving State law. Can you help?

  • Answer: The Mississippi Secretary of State website ( contains links to various legal resources, including the Mississippi Code which contains the general laws of the State of Mississippi.The Office of the Attorney General maintains a website ( containing numerous resources, including an online opinion database.

    Finally, the Mississippi State Legislature has a website ( with a bill status link which allows one to research current and prior legislative sessions. Hopefully these resources will be of assistance.

Animal Shelter FAQs

How many dogs and cats are allowed?

  • Answer: 4 dogs and 6 cats

What do we do about barking dogs?

  • Answer: If it has become a nuisance, call the shelter at 662-895-4582 during business hours or call the police department at 662-895-4111 after hours.

What are the shelter hours?

  • Answer: 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday – Friday and Saturday 8:00am – 11:00am

Is there a leash law?

  • Answer: Yes, all animals including cats are to be on a leash or confined if you live in the city.

What do we do if a dog is being treated inhumanely?

  • Answer: Call the shelter and we will have an officer do a welfare check on the animal.

What is considered an emergency for after hours calls?

  • Answer: If the shelter is closed, it has to be a problem with an aggressive animal in order to dispatch an officer.

Do our animals have to wear their rabies tags?

  • Answer: Yes, it is a Mississippi law, but also helps in the return of your lost animal.

Relations and Tourism


To promote and increase awareness of the programs, activities, and operations of the City through newsletters, publications and brochures and to plan events and provide tours for visitors and citizens of the Wesson House and City Hall Museum.


Parks & Recreation


City Newsletter

The City produces a bi-annual newsletter in April and October that is mailed to every household and business in Olive Branch and the surrounding area. It is a non-advertising publication used to communicate with the citizens of the Olive Branch community. It includes a message from the Mayor, upcoming events, a phone listing, and articles of local interest.

Hall of Fame Nominations

Nomination forms for the general public to nominate individuals for the Hall of Fame are provided each year in the Spring Newsletter. The Olive Branch Hall of Fame is established to honor and perpetuate the memory of those special men and women whose contribution to this community, from the time the first settlers arrived in 1836 until the present day has had a meaningful impact on the development of Olive Branch.

Hall of Fame(Document link)

Veteran’s Monument & Honor Book of Veterans

On the front lawn of City Hall, there is a circular area know as Veteran’s Plaza. Towering over the Plaza under our nation’s flag is the Veteran’s Monument which honors anyone who has ever served in the armed forces of this country. The Veteran’s Monument stands twenty feet tall and is capped by a magnificent golden American Eagle in flight.

The Veteran’s Monument is complemented by our Honor Book of Veterans located inside the lobby of City Hall next to our Museum. This book features an 8 ½” x 11” photograph of our veteran’s along with a narrative of his/her military experience. This Honor Book of Veterans can be viewed anytime during City Hall’s open hours of 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Honor Book of Veterans(Document link)



To ensure that all purchases made are within the projected budget and in compliance with state purchasing laws.

The City Administrator is the Purchasing Agent for the City of Olive Branch and diligently ensures that the city is following State guidelines for purchases and that purchases are within budgetary projections. Requests for Proposals, bid documents and specifications for construction and large purchases are distributed through this office.

The City requires that Purchase Requisitions be prepared for all purchases. They are to be completed and signed by department directors or managers and then approved by the Purchasing Agent.

The City adheres to guidelines that are more restrictive than the State requires for purchasing practices.

  • No bids or quotes are required for purchases $0 – $5,000.
  • Purchases over $5,000 but not more than $25,000 require 2 competitive quotes.

    (The state allows amounts to $50,000.)

  • Purchases over $25,000 must be bid.

Bid Information

  • Bid items or projects are advertised in the classified section of the local newspaper for two consecutive weeks.
  • Bid documents and specifications can be picked up at from the office of the City Administrator at City Hall or may be obtained by contacting 662-892-9217.

    City of Olive Branch – City Hall

    9200 Pigeon Roost Rd.

    Olive Branch, MS 38654

  • The bid document states where the bid should be turned in, the bid opening time, place, date, and any information that is required for the bid to be considered acceptable.

Bid Process

  • Bids are due in the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall no later than 2:00 p.m. on the day of the bid opening.
  • Bids are opened at 2:00 p.m. in the Mayor’s Conference Room at City Hall on Monday the week before a scheduled Board Meeting.
  • Bids are opened and read, and a tabulation of the bids is prepared.
  • Bid tabulations and supporting documents are sent to the department for consideration of lowest and best bid.
  • Written recommendation is sent to the City Clerk for placement on the Board Agenda.
  • Once the Board approves, a purchase requisition is prepared and forwarded to the Purchasing Office.



To prepare the city’s annual budget in an efficient and economical manner that will provide the citizens of Olive Branch with the services needed to maintain the quality of life we have worked so diligently to create and preserve within our City and to ensure the City maintains a sound financial position within the constraints of an acceptable tax rate.

The Budget is a detailed plan of operations and capital outlay for the City. It provides a detailed estimate by fund of receipts, disbursements and balances for the next fiscal year beginning October 1. The Mayor requests information from each department as to what their needs will be to sufficiently run their department for the coming year. Once all this information is collected, the Mayor and the Director analyze the information and make forecasts regarding spending and revenues. This information is presented to the Board of Aldermen for review and then for final adoption before the state mandated deadline of September 15.

A public hearing must be held before the adoption of the Budget. It is usually held during the regular scheduled meeting of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen preceding the meeting scheduled for adoption of the budget. The adopted budget will be published in the local newspaper.

The budget includes:

  • Activities and services the city plans to provide its citizens
  • Improvements to streets, water systems, gas systems and buildings
  • Expenditures required to support all operations and capital projections
  • Resources available for meeting the planned expenditures

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