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City Clerk Forms

  1. City of Olive Branch Public Records Request Form

    Any person(s) wanting to gain access to public records should fill out a request form. It will be submitted to the City Clerk.

Get Involved with the City of Olive Branch

  1. City of Olive Branch Volunteer Interest Form

    Interested in serving in the City of Olive Branch? Please fill out this form to be receive information on the different volunteer... More…

  2. Historical Donations Offer

    Thank you for considering a donation to the City of Olive Branch History Collection. It is through the generosity of people like you... More…

  1. Food Truck Friday Interest

    The City of Olive Branch is looking for potential Food Truck Vendors during its Food Truck Fridays this Summer. If interested, please... More…


  1. Smoke Alarm Form

    The City of Olive Branch,Olive Branch Fire Department, and the State Fire Marshall's Office is pleased to offer free smoke alarms and... More…