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Planning and Building Department Profile
The Planning and Building Department consists of the Director of Planning and Building, the Building Official, an Associate Planner, Building Inspectors, Code Enforcement Officers, a Planning Secretary and Building Clerks.

The Planning Division
The Planning Division is responsible for comprehensive development review including zoning, platting, variances, and other permits. Also managing land within the City per the General Development Plan, which includes long-range, and strategic planning. Other duties include planning related data management and research, coordination with Building Inspections, and professional and administrative support for public boards and commissions.

Building Inspection and Code Enforcement
Building Inspection and Code Enforcement are responsible for permitting all construction and conducting inspection of the work. Building codes and ordinances have been enacted and amended, when necessary, to ensure good, safe buildings. Permits are the vehicles which the City uses to inspect all construction work as it progresses. The property owner is ultimately responsible for obtaining the proper permits, although the action application can be delegated to the contractor.

Commonly Requested Forms and Applications
Are now available. Please feel free to print appropriate application and informational sheet (if necessary) and return to the address below with correct fee, if applicable. If you should have questions please feel free to contact the Planning and Building Department at the phone numbers listed below.

PLEASE NOTE: Fees are subject to change. Call ahead for current rates.
It is a good idea to check with the Building Department before you begin any type of construction. Before you dig, please call "MS ONE CALL" at 1-800-227-6477 for underground line locations.

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